Wunderbuss Alpha


This is the Wunderbuss Alpha. There are currently 2 of 5 Alphas remaining.

With the Wunderbuss 1 having a market value of $2,500,000 upon release, the alpha will only cost $450,000; purchasing the Alpha now would guarantee you the Wunderbuss 1 free of charge in December, giving you 2 watches for the price of 1.

If you were to sell the Wunderbuss 1 you would have made a profit of +$2,050,000 by getting in early and claiming the Alpha now. There are 2 of 5 Aplhas remaining. Each Alpha sale includes a purchase contract with details about the Wunderbuss 1 guarantee “free of charge”.

Wunderbuss is preparing to bring about the worlds first 3D printed luxury watches. Wunderbuss has collaborated with Postbellum to help sell our Alpha stage watches to collect funds for our launch in December.

All purchases of an Alpha Wunderbuss watch will receive the Wunderbuss 1 for free in December; Ongoing, the Wunderbuss 1 will have a market value of $2,500,000, so purchasing a Wunderbuss Alpha now would guarantee a return on investment as our first time buyers will be getting 2 for 1.

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